With a leather tanning capacity of half a million sq. feet we use some of the finest hazard free imported chemicals to tan our Leather. We have two full-time technicians with a combined experience in the tanning of over 30 years who carefully monitor the company’s tanning process to produce a variety of leather depending on the requirements of our end products.


We use Buke polishing machines which enhances the sheen of the leather. This step upgrades the look and quality of the leather.


Our hydraulic automated plating machines are used to control the shine and smoothness of the leather. Our ample embossing plates gives us a variety of prints like croco, lizard and henceforth which give the leather a different appeal.


Our finishing stage helps control the final touch, feel and color of the leather.


Once the leather is out of the tannery department, senior managers inspect them before the are proceeded for mass goods manufacturing. This vital step segregates the leather into various grades. If a piece of leather displays even the slightest variation from approval, the leather is sent back for reprocessing.


Our cutting department consists of cutters who are dexterous in the field of leather cutting. Bags with patch work can have up to 100 different pieces of leather attributed to the product. The leather is cut according to the pattern designed by the head technician while specialized razor sharp knives and clicking machines for bulk production are used to cut leather before they are stitched in the next production step.


We use a state of the art Japanese and German sewing machines to stich the leather along with its respective lining and fittings. The machines are custom made for being fierce enough to cut through leather in a clean manner. Moreover, our labors use their innate skill of crafting leather to produce goods with minimal quality defects. Some of them have been a part of the Leather Trend family for over 20 years!


Our final step before packing and one of the most highly monitored department is quality control. The goods are carefully inspected under high beam LED lights for color variation, damage or fitting tarnish.Products with any such defect are immediately rectified. Lose threads are cut and burned, glue and marks are cleaned and the fittings are polished at every inch of every bag!


Goods rolling out of Leather Trends production unit are uniquely packed according to the customers needs. Care labels are attached, price tags are tied, fitting are wrapped and the bags stuffed and packed in recyclable materials before being shipped to our clients across the world through air or sea.